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Updated On : Tuesday 7th July 2020

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July 7th, 2020
A strange vibe descends over your world today. Vague concerns could send
you looking for something solid to cling to. Do what's necessary to feel
safe and grounded, but try not to be too stubborn in your views. Sometimes,
when you're feeling uncertain about life, you dig your heels in. But an
adventurous, trusting approach would be better now. Summon your courage, Leo. Everything is going to be fine.
With the planets creating a bit of chaos and havoc, both good and bad, in
your domestic sphere, you have to be careful what you say today. If in
doubt, bite your tongue. The restraint you show today will avoid domestic
problems for you in the near future. The tensions abounding today are not
worth addressing with anger. These, too, shall pass.

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