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Updated On : Thursday 20th February 2020

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February 20th, 2020
If you decide today that you want out of a group or organization, make sure
you disengage carefully. You don't want to burn your bridges, so be tactful
in explaining why you're saying goodbye. Who knows? Someday, you might want
to rejoin -- maybe even soon. On second thought, maybe you should hold off
on making any big moves until you're sure this isn't just a passing case of
the doldrums.
You attract positivity in every situation because you think positively most
of the time, but your arrogance and ego does you in sometimes. The Moon in
Capricorn today, will make you tolerant towards the ‘lesser mortals’ and it
could dawn on you that maybe your headstrong attitude irks some people. You
will look for some peace in your life today. You are otherwise kind and big
hearted and a great leader. Although you can be very generous in your ways,
you can also be very materialistic, thinking of only profits. Today, too,
you could be attracted towards materialistic living. If someone asks for
some help during 4pm to 5pm, it is best to refuse, as it may be a ploy to
trouble you.
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